Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ewe's, Food, and Dog's

Hope this post find's everyone having a good winter.  So far it has been fairly warm here in Ohio with spurts of snow here and there but it doesn't last long.  I love snow so this winter is a little depressing for me. =(  We are supposed to get some starting tomorrow afternoon but it's not supposed to last long with the temperature rising back up over the weekend.

We have 3 4-H ewe's due to have babies this weekend.  These lambs will be Austin's show lambs and hopefully a couple can be sold to other 4-H kids to show.  The excitement is building around our little slice of heaven.  We are keeping them penned up at night in the barn and in lambing pens with heat lamps just in case.  Austin and I can't wait!  When you stand back and watch their bellies as they are relaxed in the barn you can see the babies moving around.  It is a beautiful sight to see. 

So I started a diet...yea, this is going really well.  I AM STARVING and NEED FOOD! LOL!  I know a lot of people feel like me and are trying to diet but this is driving me nuts.  My friend keeps telling me that I need to take it slowly and eat smaller meals and healthy snacks more often during the day.  I am trying.  I don't really have a goal weight, I just want to loose to be more healthy and yes, skinny! HaHa!  I love food so this is gonna be a struggle.  Hopefully I will have the discipline to stay on track.  As for a workout, well who has time for that???  I think I am going to start walking up and down the hill at work everyday.  Maybe that will help!

I have a friend that her mini farm is under "attack"!  Having livestock, especially sheep and goats, is nerve wracking and trying at times.  In the last week my friend Tracy's farm has had a local roaming dog attack chickens and a coyote kill a goat, "Little Bit".  Little Bit was a triplet doeling that started life as a small, timid goat that she nursed into a beautiful doe that's life was cut way too short.  The dog has hopefully been taken care of.  The owners have been informed and warned by the local sheriff.  As for the coyote's, they are going to be hunted and eliminated.  The attack was during the daylight hours which is unusual but not necessarily unheard of.  They must be hungry and very brave to attack during the day.  The coyote's travel in packs and plan out what and how they are going to take down.  Say a prayer that there are no more attacks on their farm.   

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and an even better weekend!  Cross your fingers we have baby lambs soon!

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  1. So sad about your friend losing the little goat... coyotes are bad here too. And ever since I lost a precious cochin hen and roo to a stray dog that has been one of my biggest predator fears.
    Hope you have healthy lambs soon!